Platform as a Service

PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a type of cloud services model, which implies providing the user with information and technological infrastructure: databases, software, operating system, etc.

When talking about the technological part of the infrastructure, we mean providing the end user with different cloud resources.

The software (information) part consists of 4 components:

  • the OS (operating system);
  • a system for running tests;
  • a system for working with the databases;
  • interconnecting software.

The main advantage to choose PaaS is that the user can reduce or completely avoid any financial costs for the establishment of centers for working with data (analysis, distribution, organizing, checking, etc.). The main users of PaaS services are developers who, as part of PaaS, get a complete hardware platform for the creation of software.

PaaS also means that the user does not need to hire any third-party administrators to fine-tune the operating system, database management, and all other related issues, as PaaS is a service that already includes infrastructure administration and configuration, database management, OS and software configuration.

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