Hybrid Cloud: Data Analytics

Place & date: this webinar is scheduled on April 5th at 11 AM CET online via Zoom


Webinar program: 

  • How to manage your data lake
  • Data Science Toolkit 
  • Cloning, syncing, transforming, replicating and data pipeline 
  • Case studies for data analytics in a hybrid cloud environment

Welcome to the webinar:

CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CISO, CMO, COO, Product Owner, IT Project manager, IT team lead, Chief System Administrator and others specialists


Oleg Arsenyev, International Business Development Director at ITGLOBAL.COM

Pascal de Wild, Senior Solutions Engineer at NetApp

Mathieu van Schaik, Solutions Engineer at NetApp


We will cover the management of your data lake and how to use your data from edge to core to cloud. We will discuss a Data Science Toolkit to benefit your data to and from various file and object storage systems for your AI/ML environment. Cloning, syncing, transforming, replicating and data pipeline are key words.

Please register to learn some tricks about Cloud Management and Advanced Technologies from the team of experts!

Bonus: A promo code for webinar participants that gives you a free month of service. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Link to the webinar and an invitation to the calendar come in a separate email from Zoom. If you have not received it, then please contact us via marketing@itglobal.com.

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