ITGLOBAL.COM has entered the Latin American market and launched its first cloud platform in São Paulo.

The IT service provider and system integrator ITGLOBAL.COM has opened its first cloud platform in Latin America based on the modern Equinix SP3 data center, located in the business capital of Brazil — São Paulo. Equinix SP3 is one of the most advanced and technological data centers of the international company Equinix, which owns and operates 250 data centers in 71 major cities worldwide. The Equinix SP3 data center complies with international standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and PCI DSS. Additionally, the data center has received all three Tier III certificates from the Uptime Institute, and the Operational Sustainability certificate has the highest Gold level. ITGLOBAL.COM has been collaborating with the Equinix network for over four years. In 2019, the service provider opened a cloud platform in the Netherlands based on the Equinix AM2 data center, and in the fall of 2023, it announced the launch of a cloud in the UAE on the Equinix DX-1 platform. [important] "ITGLOBAL.COM is steadily moving towards its strategic goals of becoming an international cloud provider with no fewer than 20 platforms worldwide; today, there are already 10 of them. The São Paulo platform became the first in Latin America, a promising market where we already have a significant business in the system integration direction — now we can also provide our customers with cloud services from a local data center with minimal delays," commented Vasily Belov, CEO of ITGLOBAL.COM. [/important] Brazil was chosen as a new location by ITGLOBAL.COM specialists not by chance. The country has a population of over 210 million people, Brazil is among the top ten largest economies in the world by GDP. The country has a large number of local medium and large enterprises, a well-developed industry, and a dynamically growing ecosystem of companies engaged in software development and integration. According to IDC Predictions Brazil for 2022, 97% of companies in Brazil already use some cloud model, and in the future, they will maintain or increase the volume of workloads. According to the forecast by the analytical company Statista, in 2023, the revenue from public cloud services in the Brazilian market will reach $6,144 million. It is expected that the annual growth rate of revenue (CAGR, 2023-2028) will be 16.42%, resulting in the market size growing to $13,140 million by 2028. [important] "The cloud market in Brazil is one of the most rapidly growing in the world. International hyperscalers such as Google, Microsoft, AWS, and others have already entered the country. However, due to the large number of customers and a bulk pricing approach, they cannot provide a personalized approach to each company. In contrast, ITGLOBAL.COM has the opportunity to customize cloud services for the specific needs of any business or project," noted Petr Jilinski, Director of the ITGLOBAL.COM branch in Brazil. After launching the cloud in Brazil, ITGLOBAL.COM plans to enter other countries in Latin America and increase the number of cloud platforms in its geographically distributed network. [/important] [important] "For us, Latin America is a promising region for providing services and products of the group of companies, where the idea of digitization is supported at the government level, and businesses, regardless of the industry, are actively engaged in digital transformation and moving to the cloud. Now our goal is to enter key markets in the region, namely Brazil and Mexico, and from these locations, analyze and open a local presence in other countries where we see potential," shared Oleg Arsenyev, Director of International Development at ITGLOBAL.COM. [/important] At the moment, the cloud platform in São Paulo is launched, so ITGLOBAL.COM clients can already deploy virtual infrastructure and use cloud services in the new service provider's presence location.

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