SimpleOne ITAM — optimize accounting and work with the company's IT assets and simplify the creation of reports and control of IT expenses

Unlock the potential of the IT infrastructure

Transform your business with a digital ITAM system. Modernize accounting processes to optimize productivity, costs, and planning with a single IT asset management platform. Use the information you receive to make strategic decisions.

SimpleOne ITAM is a self-developed solution

  • Implementation of related business processes relevant to the customer
  • Hosting in the SimpleOne cloud
  • On-premise placement in your infrastructure
  • Communication with ITSM processes
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IT Asset Management

Modernize and automate IT

Use ITAM wherever you plan, maintain, and operate IT — on the same platform, the same data model, and the same architecture. Automate workflows at every stage of the lifecycle.

Reduce IT costs

Keep track of your IT assets and their usage, we will help you identify opportunities to save money, for example, upgrade outdated equipment.

Reduce technological risks

ITAM will help you quickly identify and reduce the impact of various risks: technical debt, shadow IT infrastructure, vulnerabilities or loss of assets.

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SimpleOne ITAM.
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Minimize your risks and costs due to outdated or inaccurate information on IT assets

ITAM accompanies IT assets throughout the entire lifecycle. The resource management system updates the information automatically — you can track the history of each asset — from the resource request to the write-off. You will always have up-to-date information about the configuration, usage and location of IT resources.

ITAM will help with IT resource management

Procurement and supply planning

Collecting and updating information about your IT assets

Budgeting, cost optimization, asset value calculation


Cost accounting and cost planning for IT assets


Estimates of the current cost of infrastructure


Detection of unnecessary assets


Flexible IT asset lifecycle management


Up‑to-date information about IT assets will allow you to make more informed decisions regarding modernization and investments


Identification of potential risks and vulnerabilities


Transparency of IT assets increases the level of security

Our customers

SimpleOne ITAM.
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Our customers

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