ITGLOBAL.COM Engineer Wins Global VMware Odyssey Competition
ITGLOBAL.COM Engineer Wins Global VMware Odyssey Competition

Last Friday, Alexander Nikitin, deputy system administration team lead at ITGLOBAL.COM, won the VMware Odyssey by Hands-on labs competition. Due to the ongoing epidemic, the competition was held online this year.

10 representatives of IT companies from all over the world made it to the final round of the Kubernetes-dedicated tournament; they had to complete 4 tasks in 1 hour. The judges considered not only how correct the lab solutions were, but also how long they took. The participants who completed tasks within the first half hour were awarded bonus points at a ratio of 1 second = 1 point. Alexander Nikitin completed all the tasks in 15 minutes and 15 seconds, scoring 2484 points. We should note that only four participants managed to complete all four labs.

The event is usually held in Barcelona and involves several pavilions at once, where IT specialists and business owners give various speeches. Despite the fact that a Zoom conference has no effect of “being there” and can’t give a full picture of the event’s scale, it still has a number of advantages.

We regularly face many similar tasks in our daily work, so nothing in the competition surprised us. The organizers did their best to make the remote format comfortable for all participants.

«Communicating via Zoom, as was the case with most of the online reports, is very convenient — you can ask questions in the comments during the report and will definitely get an answer. At offline events, you often don’t want to interrupt the speaker in the middle of a speech, and by the time the Q&A session comes, you may have already forgotten your question. “I usually didn’t have the time to take part in something like that, because I want to listen more, and discuss current problems with colleagues, but Zoom made it possible”», — said Alexander Nikitin about the conference.

ITGLOBAL.COM congratulates Alexander on his victory and wishes him success in his endeavors and future projects.

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