Wehost Africa inks partnership with ITGLOBAL.COM
Wehost Africa inks partnership with ITGLOBAL.COM

ITGLOBAL.COM and Wehost Africa announced a partnership. The partnership enables Wehost Africa customers to access an enterprise-level portfolio of cloud services under the Fluir Cloud brand.

Wehost Africa was originally founded in 2018 and has since become one of Zimbabwe’s leading providers – by promoting excellence in customer service and product range.

Wehost Africa clients will have access to the world’s fastest cloud services and excellent customer service that ITGLOBAL.COM provides worldwide. By choosing ITGLOBAL.COM as their cloud service provider, Wehost Africa clients will have 24/7 customer service, 99,9% availability guaranteed by SLA, predictable billing for active services only, and beautifully designed to be a simple and engaging platform.

“We are looking forward to providing our clients with fantastic services that ITGLOBAL.COM offers for their partners. Our core is web hosting, and this partnership gives us not only new products to our service portfolio but also the expertise and resources of a European cloud provider with more than 10 years of history and experience in virtualization”, says Wehost Africa’s co-founder Samson Gilbert Nota.

“We are sincerely pleased to sign an agreement in a new market for us and believe that together we will be able to offer local companies a truly convenient, secure, scalable tool for their business”, notes Marina Ionova, ITGLOBAL.COM Partner Account Director.

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