Managed DevOps — automate and accelerate your application build, test, and delivery processes

Convenient conveyor environment
CI/CD methodology
Organization of the assembly and delivery process
8 geo-distributed data centers

DevOps is the "production culture" of code, a set of principles and tools that accelerate application development

The main approach is to unite developers, testers and administrators into one common team. ITGLOBAL.COM provides DevOps as a service, acting as a DevOps engineer, optimizing for the client the process of building a product, preparing runtime environments and organizing a full-fledged delivery pipeline



Jira, GitLab, Trello

Source Control Management

GitLab, GitHub

Continuous Integration

GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, Jenkins

Configuration Automation

Ansible, Terraform


SonarQube, Molecule


Docker, Kubernetes

Artifact Management

Nexus, Harbor, DockerHub

Secrets Store

HashiCorp, Vault, Bitwarden


Elastic, Prometheus, Grafana, Graylog, Icinga

What tasks Managed DevOps solves

Clear workflow process

Differentiation of responsibilities between team members. Efficient use of resources. Rapid response to incidents

Acceleration of all stages

The effect of incomplete or non-functional code is visible immediately. It accustoms developers to work in a short iterative mode

Assembly automation

From problem definition to rolling out the release to the vendor

Infrastructure scaling

Quickly scale hardware and software resources as the project grows

Clear pricing and feedback

Transparent formation of the price of the service

Optimizing the build environment

Dynamic development environments



Number of projects

Experience in managing IT projects of different complexity: both in public and private clouds of Enterprise level, on-premises resources, as well as in hyperscalers Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud

All in one window

Managed IT, software, hardware, online services, IS expertise - all ordered and controlled through a single vendor


Over 10 years of applying DevOps and CI/CD best practices both internally and within client engagements
Richard Gayler
Since we are focused on developing the final product, it has become unprofitable over time to spend effort on maintaining the IT infrastructure ourselves. I think any such project needs a partner who will help build a reliable infrastructure foundation and provide round-the-clock support. And we will be able to do our own thing: to develop and improve the service. ITGLOBAL.COM has become such a partner for us.
Murat Kenebaev
CEO CloudTek
As part of the project, CloudTek received a small amount of server and network equipment to provide fault-tolerant service. But we, as a provider, are now actively developing, so our hardware fleet will only grow in the near future
Two virtual servers have been organized on the basis of the dedicated infrastructure: Terminal Server + 1C server and DB server. This approach to IT organization has enabled us to provide high-quality infrastructure for accountants and to avoid capital expenditures.
We are satisfied with the quality of services provided by ITGLOBAL.COM Company. We can mention the quality of technical support and readiness to provide all necessary consultations quickly and efficiently. We are ready to recommend ITGLOBAL.COM virtual machines rent as a flexible solution allowing to avoid substantial costs on building your own infrastructure.
Our customers

Managed DevOps.
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How DevOps works

The DevOps lifecycle spans eight phases, where the left side of the infinite loop is dedicated to development processes, resources, and tools, while the right side focuses on operational processes. Throughout each phase, teams collaborate and cooperate to ensure consistency, agility, and high quality of work.

We use industry-leading tools for application development in containerized environments. ITGLOBAL.COM one of the first official reseller of Alibaba Cloud, a KCSP-certified Kubernetes provider.

Ready-made solutions

1C Bitrix

We support the 1C Bitrix environment for developing corporate websites. We help optimize the application build process and integrate best practices

Mobile development

We create optimal conditions for rapid development of iOS and Android applications and their publication in stores

Game development

We help accelerate game development from concept to release and support

Custom projects

DevOps of complex complex projects. We support development tools in Java, PHP, Python, Go, Ruby, and JavaScript



Docker and Kubernetes technologies allow you to avoid being tied to specific hardware


Integration with tools: JIRA, Confluence, Slack, Mattermost, Telegram and others


Create a clear environment for developers with transparent processes


Rapidly scale both within data centers and across continents


Automate the routine work of running unit tests


Cloud ready: cloud-native continuous integration


Instant rollback to working version


Putting the development process in order


Canary Deploy: the ability to release on a limited portion of a product's audience


Infrastructure as code (IaC)


Convenient log management

Service activation


Conduct a free pre-audit of current processes


Determine the cost and roadmap of the project


Signing the NDA and the contract


Integrate CI/CD and DevOps, customize services from scratch or support existing infrastructure


Once the goals are achieved, move the project to SLA


Support CI/CD process

Our customers

Managed DevOps.
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