Austrian software developer jSparrow has found that his local infrastructure no longer meets the resilience requirements of the business and more human resources are required to maintain the development environment. This article describes how ITGLOBAL.COM experts implemented a complex project in which they moved the client’s software development infrastructure to the cloud and took care of its administration.

Client’s profile

Client success story: jSparrow

Industry: Custom software development

Service coverage: Austria

Website: jSparrow

Customer needs

The jSparrow infrastructure was deployed locally on two servers, where experts hosted development tools such as Atlassian Stack (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket), Nexus, Jenkins, OpenLDAP as well as hosting several websites. A small team of in-house staff maintained the development environment and implemented DevOps practices.

Therefore, the specialists at jSparrow needed to:

  • Delegate infrastructure maintenance to a cloud service provider to save on staff recruitment and training;
  • Get help in selecting and maintaining infrastructure components for software development;
  • Make the identity management process transparent and compliant with security requirements to facilitate the hiring of external employees, and make employee access to infrastructure components differentiated;
  • Reduce the time to develop and market new software products.

The company decided to turn to ITGLOBAL.COM to implement a comprehensive project with advanced infrastructure maintenance and DevOps process improvements.

Solution by ITGLOBAL.COM

The ITGLOBAL.COM specialists offered a complex solution that consisted of several stages:

  1. Migration of websites, environment and development tools from on-premises servers to the cloud to create a fault-tolerant infrastructure. ITGLOBAL.COM specialists promptly moved the client’s data to the public cloud, which was deployed in a data center in the Netherlands, and provided the necessary access.
  2. For application migration, jSparrow used Atlassian development tools: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket. The client needed to find a replacement for the open source Atlassian products, so ITGLOBAL.COM migrated the data to GitLab, deployed in the public cloud.
  3. Migration of build-delivery components such as Jenkins and Nexus Sonarqube to the cloud.
  4. Migration of infrastructure maintenance within Managed IT service.
  5. Migration of build-delivery and application management product support within the Managed DevOps service.


All the goals that were set for the project have been achieved by ITGLOBAL.COM. The jSparrow infrastructure is now deployed in a secure public cloud, and infrastructure maintenance as well as application management are handled by ITGLOBAL.COM specialists with high expertise and years of experience.

The main taskp the client was able to solve was maintaining and fully supporting the services and infrastructure required for software development. Any problems in the software building process and product life cycle, as well as changes related to their development and improvement, are corrected and handled by ITGLOBAL.COM specialists. ITGLOBAL.COM provides 24/7 technical support and the level of service is governed by a signed SLA. Now jSparrow saves its human and time resources, and the client’s employees are engaged in more important projects.

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